Bob Mau
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Woman Power


Power to all women power to all women on earth (2x)
Brought up by my mom and two sisters
Women power and love is all that I knew
I had the giving tree and did not know it
They rose above the stigma men put on them too
Power to all women power to all women on earth (2x)
Courage and bravery is the women's DNA
It paves the way for new coming day
Chauvinist pigs try to tell you what to do
To bad about that because their days are through
Come on sisters push the slobs aside
If there smart they'll join us on the new freedom ride
When women power governs honesty will arive
Women power gives new birth so all of us on earth can survive
Power to all women power to all women on earth

Lyric Credits: Bob Mau
Music Credits: Bob Mau
Producer Credits: Bob Mau
Publisher Credits: Bob Mau
Performance Credits: Bob Mau
Label Credits: Bob Mau

Story Behind the Song:
Modern day women have more common sense then the old timers running this country.
They should be elected to straighten out the disaster that has been made over time. They will succeed!

Song Length: 2:16
Primary Genre: New Age-Progressive
Secondary Genre: New Age-Progressive
Tempo / Feel: Medium Fast (131 - 150)
Lead Vocal: Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Power
Subject Matter 2: Equality
Mood 1: Nonviolent
Mood 2: Beside Yourself
Language: English