Bob Mau
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Hate and greed is the devils creed come on and join and plant your seed or
Deceit and lies it's so easy to do don't let this deal slip away from you
The devil approached me one night walking home
I said go away just leave me alone He said
Come here boy I got a deal for you I'm the devil I'll make your dreams come true
Go away devil man
The devil said boy let me set you straight there's more than men in the devils hate
We have many women of one you knew that's why I'm here she just broke up with you
She's a she devil woman
Here's the deal I;ll make with you I'll let you get even with that shrew
You want to destroy that she devil I know if you except my offer you know how it goes
The devil had me thinking
The devil said boy I want you to know I was dating your girl along time ago
She pulled out my heart and tour it in two I made with the devil what are you going to do
I got to think about this devil
I heard you devil I want you to know I'll let shrew and your deal go
I can't believe you sank so low I won't deal with you devil go away now go
I won't deal with you devil I won't deal with that shrew
I won't deal with you devil cause the devil's bad news
Go away now devil and take that shrew
She means nothing to me only you

Lyric Credits: Bob Mau
Music Credits: Bob Mau
Producer Credits: Bob Mau
Publisher Credits: Bob Mau
Performance Credits: Bob Mau
Label Credits: Bob Mau

Song Length: 3:35
Primary Genre: Blues-Rock
Secondary Genre: Spoken Word-Humor
Tempo / Feel: Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal: Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1: Justice
Subject Matter 2: Hell
Mood 1: Diplomatic
Mood 2: Cool
Language: English
Era: 2000 and later